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Taking care of your liver is important if you want to keep your body in good shape and live a long and healthy life. Our liver does a good job of processing and cleansing our blood to keep our health and well-being in a good condition.

Fatty liver disease was caused by malnutrition, obesity, overeating, and severe weight loss from strict diets or starvation. This disease could’ve been avoided if people know how to eat healthy and choose the right diet regimen to follow. Below, we’re going to provide you 10 tips on how to keep your liver healthy to avoid getting fatty liver.

  1. Choose the right breakfast

  • Start your day by having a bowl of oatmeal mixed with dry fruit, walnuts, and honey. Eating a healthy breakfast can lower your blood sugar levels and improve your digestion, and can also give you energy throughout the day. If you want to detoxify your liver, try drinking Milk Thistle made from dry ground seeds. Drinking milk thistle can lower your cholesterol and protect your liver whilst keeping it healthy.
  1. Consume the right dairy products
  • Including cultured dairy products such as yogurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese, and kefir on your daily food intake can improve your digestion, can help remove fats from your body, and improve the overall function of the liver.
  1. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

  • Never ever forget fruits and vegetables on your meals every day. Eating such is essential for your body and can help you on your diet. These two provides us with the right vitamins and minerals to give us energy throughout the day. But some vegetables can also improve liver function and can help prevent having fatty liver as well.
  1. Healthy Snacks

  • A few tablespoons of honey and cranberry jam a day can help prevent fatty liver disease. Making this jam is so easy, simply combine 1 cup of fresh cranberries with 1 cup of honey and then you’re done. You can eat it as it is, or use it as a sandwich spread for toasts.
  1. Save a day for eating lite

  • Always save a few vegetarian days every week. During those days, eat lite foods such as vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and dairy. Avoid eating fatty meats, cheese, butter, eggs, bacon, burgers, and cakes. Doing so can take a load off your liver, cleanse your body, and can help you lose weight.
  1. Drink Lots of Water

  • Drinking water at least 8-10 cups a day is vital to keep your liver healthy. Also, drinking water in between your meals is important and make sure to choose the right quality of spring water.
  1. Control Your Meal Frequency

  • Having small frequent meals between large meals a day is advisable. It’s best to eat 5 meals a day which consists of 3 large meals such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 smaller ones which we called snacks. This will also depend on your personal preference too. If you want to eat only 4 meals a day then go on.
  1. Hygiene

  • Fatty liver disease is caused by parasites found in bad quality foods and poor personal hygiene. To prevent this, always ensure that all animal products you consume are FDA certified and approved. Don’t forget to wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them, and refrain from eating raw chicken eggs and uncooked meats.
  1. Stop Drinking Alcohol

  • Alcohol and liver combined is not a great match. Consuming too much alcohol can destroy liver cells and may lead to various liver conditions. Limit your alcohol intake and stay with red wine if you want to consume alcoholic drinks.
  1. Take Time to Relax

  • Always remember that your physical health depends on how healthy your mental health is also. Don’t stress yourself on whatever life throws at you and always find time to relax.

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