5 Types of Foods to Avoid to Prevent the Risk of Getting a Heart Attack

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A lot of people die because of heart attack. And one of the main reason of having a heart condition is because of being obese. Being fat and with not doing any physical activities or exercises may be the reason, but eating unhealthy foods is also one. So it’s important to watch out whatever foods we put into our mouths. Below, we listed 5 foods to avoid to keep your hearth health in stable condition:

  1. Processed Meats

  • Limit yourself on eating processed meat by consuming only 2 servings per week. Hot dogs, sausages, deli meat, and salami may be your favorites or the ideal breakfast food for some, but now is the time to limit them. These foods contain high amounts of preservatives, nitrites, and salts which is bad for the health.
  1. Processed Grains

  • Foods such as highly refined grains or processed carbs and grains will not improve your heart health. You may choose to stop eating them or limit yourself on consuming them for only seven ounces per week. Studies have shown that consuming a large amount of whole grains can lower your risk of stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. However, low-fiber cereals, white bread, and white rice can increase your blood pressure and also your cholesterol.
  1. Soft Drinks

  • It’s advisable to avoid soft drinks completely. But if you can’t get your hands off on getting some, then limit yourself of drinking only 8 ounces of it daily. Some sodas may label themselves as sugar-free, but don’t ever believe in such. It’s still a viable choice to completely avoid them because it doesn’t contain any nutrients. But instead, it helps on gaining weight instead, which is a factor we want to avoid to prevent having heart conditions.
  1. Trans Fats

  • Foods such as packaged snacks, margarine, and bakery goods contains a high amount of trans fat and it’s important to limit yourself on consuming them as soon as possible. Trans fat promoted bad cholesterol. The next time you’re going to look for a snack, check the label if it contains zero trans fat before buying them.
  1. Saturated Fats

  • Foods that contain saturated fats are the ones we commonly put in our bread, such as: mayo, sour cream, and butter. Consuming too much of these can increase your blood cholesterol which can develop into coronary heart disease. So it’s better to stop eating them or just limit yourself to avoid seeing yourself in the hospital.


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